Let's Make An Adjustment

Questions You May Have Before Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

The first time you have your back adjusted by a chiropractor, you may be a bit unsure of what to expect. After all, chiropractic care is quite different from the rest of modern medicine. You won't be prescribed any medications, and you won't be given any invasive tests. Most people find that having an adjustment is not just helpful, but enjoyable. But it's still normal to have some questions, like the following, before your adjustment.

What equipment does a chiropractor use to adjust your spine?

You might be picturing some complex device or an intricate table. But actually, a chiropractor typically only uses one or two pieces of equipment to adjust your back. The first is their table. It will be a special table that adjusts on various levels to take or remove pressure from various spots along your spine.

The second piece of equipment is a tool called an activator. It looks like a little hammer with a handle, and it's designed to place targeted pressure on your vertebrae to move them back into place. Some chiropractors do not use an activator; they use their hands instead. It's really just a matter of preference between chiropractors and how they were trained.

Do you need x-rays before your adjustment?

In some cases, a chiropractor may send you back for x-rays before an adjustment. They may do this if you were in a car crash, or if you have any other reason to suspect there may be a fracture in your spine. However, if you are just dealing with generalized back or neck pain, you are unlikely to be sent in for x-rays prior to your adjustment.

Do you have to take your clothes off for an adjustment?

Generally, no. Chiropractors can adjust your spine through thin clothing, so as long as you don't show up in a really thick sweatshirt with no under layers, you should be able to keep your clothes on.

How many adjustments will you need to cure your pain?

This really depends on what's causing your pain and what other measures you take to address it. You should get some relief after just one adjustment. However, if lifestyle factors like sitting at a desk all day push your spine back out of alignment over time, then you may need to have regular adjustments to keep pain in check. Sometimes patients need two or three adjustments. Other times, they need monthly adjustments for years. A chiropractor can give you a better idea of your long-term treatment needs after they evaluate your condition. 

Approach your adjustment with confidence! If you have any remaining questions, your chiropractor or their office staff should be able to answer. For more information, contact a local chiropractic center, like Willow Park Village Chiropractic and Natural Health.